Tracts and Books

Tracts and books are so inexpensive these days, there is litereally nothing stopping you from handing them out yourself.

Here are some example tracts and books:

Signs of the Times - A Love Letter from Jesus

Someone Cares About You is also really good.

GLOW - Why I go to Church on Saturday

Chick Publications - This Was Your Life!

They also have a really cool tract specifically for kids called Cleo.

You can also send these links to your friends, and they can read the tracts online for free.

To watch a video about the effectiveness of Chick tracts, please click here.

Ellen White - Steps to Christ

Here are some random ideas:

  • Put them on a table near the entrance of your church. Encourage people to grab some, and hand them out. Top them up for free.
  • Hand them out to your neighbourhood. You can do this as a "family thing" on Sunday.
  • Put tracts in your T-Shirt pocket, and give them to people, or leave them somewhere.
  • Hand them out to your friends.
  • Encourage others to do the same.
  • Etc.

The tracts and books these days are absolutely awesome.

It's so easy to add a business card to them as well. Or a sticker with a link to the church website. This way people might very well end up in your church.

Give it a go!