SALT 365 - Evangelism Training Series

SALT stands for Soul-winning And Leadership Training.

SALT 365 is a series of videos created by It Is Written that you can watch online for free. You can find the SALT 365 website here.

There are 75 videos in total, adding up to something like 35 hours of footage. If you watch one video a day, it will take you about 3 months.

For me the advise given by evangelism experts was priceless. I learned a lot, and I highly recommend that you watch these videos yourself.

You can watch all the videos on Vimeo here. If you don't have time to watch all of it, I recommend you "cherry pick" from the list below. If you really don't have any time at all, I recommend you at the very least watch the video called Why Evangelism?.

  1. The Cycle of Evangelism, Part 1—1/12/16
  2. The Cycle of Evangelism, Part 2—1/19/16
  3. Setting Up an It Is Written Bible School, Part 1—1/26/15
  4. Setting Up an It Is Written Bible School, Part 2—2/2/2016
  5. Preparing Yourself for Bible Work—2/9/2016
  6. Following-up Bible Study Interest Cards, Part 1—2/16/2016
  7. Following-up Bible Study Interest Cards, Part 2—2/23/2016
  8. Finding Bible Study Interests—3/1/2016
  9. Finding Interests Going Door-to-Door—3/8/2016
  10. Setting Up Bible Study Request Displays—3/15/16
  11. Evangelism Q & A—3/22/16
  12. Organizing Personal Time for Bible Work—3/29/16
  13. Overview of It Is Written Resources—4/5/16
  14. Why Evangelism?—4/12/16
  15. Ingredients for a Growing, Thriving Church—4/19/16
  16. Evangelism Q & A—4/26/16
  17. Building an Evangelism Team—5/3/16
  18. Involving Your Family in Bible Work—5/10/16
  19. The First Few Visits, Part 1—5/17/16
  20. Responding to Objections—5/24/16
  21. Building Trust During Visits—5/31/16
  22. Transitioning From Drop-off to Sit-down Bible Studies—6/7/16
  23. The First Few Visits, Part 2—6/14/16
  24. Conducting a Bible Study—6/21/16
  25. SALT 365 Q & A—6/28/16
  26. Group Bible Studies: It Is Written Q Cards—7/5/16
  27. The Power of Prayer in Bible Work—7/12/16
  28. Answering Difficult Questions On Death—7/19/16
  29. Someone Who's No Longer Interested—7/26/16
  30. Keeping Each Study Christ-Centered—8/2/16
  31. Salt 365 Q & A—8/9/16
  32. Effectively Teaching the Sabbath—8/16/16
  33. Prayer During Visits—8/23/16
  34. Answering Difficult Questions About Sabbath—8/30/16
  35. Bible Study Do's and Don'ts, Part 1—9/6/16
  36. Effectively Teaching the State of the Dead—9/13/16
  37. SALT 365 Q & A—9/20/16
  38. Bible Study Do's and Don'ts, Part 2—9/27/16
  39. The Role of a Bible Study Partner—10/4/16
  40. Gaining Decisions in Every Study—10/11/16
  41. The Topic of Hell—10/18/16
  42. Handling Distractions During a Study—10/25/16
  43. The Topic of Hellfire—11/8/16
  44. Making the Bible Study More Personal—11/15/16
  45. Responding to Difficult Questions About Health—11/22/16
  46. Teaching the Truth About the Second Coming—11/29/16
  47. Resources for Bible Study Preparation—12/06/16
  48. Connecting With People in Your Community—12/13/16
  49. Evangelism During the Christmas Season—12/20/16
  50. Responding to Difficult Questions About God's Law—1/10/17
  51. Reconnecting With Former Church Members—1/17/17
  52. Effectively Teaching the Judgment—1/24/17
  53. Ministering to Your Bible Student in Time of Crisis—1/31/17
  54. Keeping the Study Focused—2/7/17
  55. Great Teaching Tools—2/14/17
  56. My Personal Testimony: A Powerful Tool, Part 1—2/21/17
  57. My Personal Testimony: A Powerful Tool (Part 2)—2/28/17
  58. Studying About the Remnant Church—3/7/17
  59. Recognizing a Person’s Level of Interest—3/14/17
  60. Preparing a Person for Baptism—3/21/17
  61. Effectively Teaching About the Spirit of Prophecy—3/28/17
  62. Children's Ministries During Public Evangelism—4/4/17
  63. Building Bridges Using Health Evangelism—4/11/17
  64. Conducting a Healthy Cooking Seminar—4/18/17
  65. Conducting a "Dinner with the Doctor"—4/25/17
  66. Hosting a Health Clinic in Your Community—5/2/17
  67. Hosting a Health Expo For Your Community—5/9/17
  68. Preparing for an Evangelistic Series—5/16/17
  69. Evangelism Resources from It Is Written—5/23/17
  70. Appealing for Decisions During an Evangelistic Series—5/30/17
  71. Dealing with Naysayers in the Church—6/6/17
  72. Really Listening to Your Bible Student
  73. Sabbath Work Issues
  74. How to keep people in the church
  75. Program 74 - What to Do After an Evangelistic Series