Books on Wheels

Books on Wheels is a portable ministry giving away free books.

It's a bookshelf on wheels basically (like a trolley).

When I asked another pastor about it, he said it was "a great witnessing tool".

You basically just put it in your car, and drive to where you want to minister (beach, marketplace, etc). People can then just grab what they like, or you can start a conversation with someone.

The demonstration video below was provided by John and Sheena (aka The Faithful Duo).

This particular trolley was made by a pastor in Hamilton. It costs about $100 NZD to make.

Make sure you first talk to your church with regards to volunteers and funding. It probably takes about 2-3 people to run this.

You can choose your own books and magazines. You might also want to put stickers (or a business card) on them, so that people can find their way back to the church, etc.

Optional: You can also do things like take someone's blood pressure, and then put the results in a magazine which you can then give them.

Optional: You can also put up a "Pull Up Banner" as an eyecatcher (see below). That will cost you an extra $120 NZD though.

If you're interested, please contact me, and I'll forward your email to the right person.