Books on Wheels (Suitcase Version)

A few days ago I was allowed to have a box full of Great Controversies for outreach. Yay!!

But then I started thinking about how to take them church, and I wasn't really sure how to do it.

So, I'm walking along the street, and all of a sudden there was a pile of things with a note saying "Free stuff". And smack in the middle, there is this suitcase (with wheels, and with a retractable handle on it).

I loved it almost immediately, so I cleaned it up, and soon after I took it to church, where I left it as a display.

So, now people can just grab what they want for their own outreach.

The very next day (early in the morning) I carted a whole bunch of books to the local Sunday market, and put them on a table.

That's $20 NZD for the parking space, and $10 NZD for the table, in case you were wondering.

It was so worth it. We spoke with many people, and gave many books away.

This was all very special to me, and I feel God really blessed me with this.

We have improved the table concept quite a lot.

I'm also working on a version that I can take anywhere I want.

It might work!!

I have recently purchased a foldable table (5.4 kg). That works really well too. Now I can set up a table wherever I want.