AFCOE - Evangelism Course

AFCOE stands for Amazing Facts Center Of Evangelism.

AFCOE is a 13 week evangelism course created by Amazing Facts (Doug Batchelor).

A typical week starts with:

  • An introduction
  • A 45 minute video
  • Seven daily devotionals
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • Weekly downloads (more videos on the current topic)
  • Tools you can look at (or order at a discount)
  • A quiz

I thought it was really cool to have my own instructor, and to read comments posted by other students.

I highly recommend this course. There's just so much in it. I made tons of notes which I can look at later.

The one thing that really stood out for me was the importance of "the appeal".

Some may be listening to the last sermon they will ever hear, and some will never again be so situated that they can have the chain of truth brought before them and a practical application made of it to their hearts. That golden opportunity lost is lost forever. Had Christ and His redeeming love been exalted in connection with the theory of truth, it might have balanced them on His side.
- Ellen White, Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 393

The AFCOE account is for life, so you can always go back to the downloads section, etc.

The course does cost a bit of money, but please pray for it, and run it past your church. They might be able to help.

My thanks to all that have worked on AFCOE. I really enjoyed this course.