Whose Fault is It?

There is much pain and suffering in this world, but whose fault is it?

Let's say you buy a brand new Ferrari from the car dealer. The dealer says "All yours, and remember to put oil in your car!", and off you go. After three years suddenly the whole car engine falls apart. Oops. Forgot to put oil in the engine. Now whose fault is that? Is that the car dealer's fault? Or, is it your fault?

The same is true for the Earth. God says "I want you to be stewards of the Earth, and remember to keep my laws (Love God, Love your neighbour)". But of course, Adam and Eve chose to go against God's laws, and they disobeyed. So now, the whole Earth is winding down, and there is death and decay everywhere. Is that God's fault? Or, is it ours?

Ultimately, it's satan's fault. He dragged us all down to this level. Sin started with him.

But we certainly have a part to play.