Gaslighting is the systematic attempt by one person to erode another's reality, by telling them that what they are experiencing isn't so - and, the gradual giving up on the part of the other person.
- Dr Robin Stern

The concept of gaslighting was a huge eye opener for me. This is how satan works. He slowly erodes your believes (faith), until you give up the faith altogether (or settle for a weakened faith). I have fallen for this kind of "attack" before, but at least now I can see what's going on.

The first step in freeing yourself from gaslighting is to recognize that it's actually happening.
- Anton Hout

It's important to assert yourself when you see this happening.

Breaking the pattern requires you to assert yourself.
- Anton Hout

Note that the erosion of your faith is very gradual, and may take years.

Gaslighting can lead to self-doubt, lack of confidence, and in some cases even depression.

It's important to remain vigilante. Ask God to show you what's going on, and pray to Him for strength.

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
- James 4:7 (KJV)

The term gaslighting is normally used between two people, e.g. the abuser and the victim. Check out this YouTube video for more information on gaslighting in that context.

Check out this YouTube video by Doug Batchelor about "gaslighting", and several other related topics such as the love/hate relationship we have with "the world". I strongly recommend watching this sermon.