Sunday Law / Climate Change

Check out this article about the UN Climate Change Conference.

The Sunday law is the mark of the beast.

The whole "climate change" thing is a legal framework they will use to usher in the Sunday laws.

Dr. Smadja's daring plan calls for an international day of rest (about 53 days per year) plus approximately 15 "holidays" where cumulatively there would be a cessation of all productive activity for approximately 70 days, or about 20% of the year. These days of "non-activity" would help achieve the shared goal outlined in the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) of a 20% reduction of pollution globally by 2050, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.
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They won't call it Sunday law either.

Slow Sunday, Shutoff Sunday, Digital Shabbat, Sunday Sabbath, Sunday Rest, Family Day, Earth Day, Green Day, Green Sabbath, Emission Free Day, Fossil-Fuel free Day, Low Carbon Day are some the names given for Sunday as a day of Rest. Sunday Bans on cars and shopping have been passed as laws in Paris and Poland. Italy plans to pass a Sunday Law for the family very soon.
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These are the last days friends. I hope you can see that.