New Ways to Read Your Bible

Bob Sorge (author of several Christian books) has suggested a new way to read your Bible.

Rather than read it from beginning to end he suggests reading multiple parts of the Bible at the same time.

He has divided the Bible into four parts:

  • Genesis to Malachi (except for Psalms to the Song of Solomon)
  • Psalms to the Song of Solomon
  • Matthew to John
  • Acts to Revelation

Bob suggests reading a chapter from each of the four parts all at the same time. If you stick to this, you should be able to read the entire Bible in a year.

The reason this works is because just reading the Old Testament can be quite hard, so it's good to mix it up with other parts of the Bible.

You can also break up the Bible in five parts:

  • Genesis
  • Job
  • Isaiah
  • Matthew
  • Romans

Another idea Bob suggested was to read a different translation of the Bible every year to keep it fresh.

I would highly recommend reading the King James Bible at some point.