I think most people enjoy a good magic trick every now and then, picking a card from a deck, etc.

Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes a 'trick' comes along, that is impossible to explain, and is downright creepy. And when I say "impossible to explain", I mean the ones that even Penn & Teller can't explain.

I'm certainly no expert, but I'm pretty sure I can tell when someone is breaking the laws of nature.

Here's an example of "creepy" - check out this YouTube video of David Blaine putting a needle through his arm, whilst Ricky Gervais is trying to figure out how the 'trick' works.

On that note, here is a picture of Mirin Dajo, who did similar things to what David Blaine does, but far more extreme.

Several x-rays where made of him.

Still not convinced that's real?

Check out this YouTube video of him showing his 'skills' to several doctors. Notice that there is no blood on the sword. How's that even possible?

According to De Groot, Dajo had several guardian angels, was telepathic, and could heal people.
- Wikipedia

Mirin Dajo claimed he was invulnerable, but died when he swallowed a needle (as instructed by "voices").

Some magicians, by their own words, have suggested that they are working together with so called "spirit energies". Those magicians are sometimes referred to as "demon magicians". These spirits supposedly help the magician move objects, and assist with things like mind reading. Black magic if you will.

Mind reading? Are you sure? Yes I am. Child's play for a fallen angel.

How do I know it is a fallen angel? Simply because normal angels would never participate in entertainment like this.

Why would these powerful (read dangerous) spirits help out these relatively insignificant magicians in the first place?

1) To downplay the miracles that Jesus did
2) To promote spirit energies as "friendly"

I sometimes wonder whether the magicians fully understand themselves what's going on.

Although, having said that, I've seen a lot of magician advertisement posters where there is at least one image of a devil on it. Quite often whispering something in the magicians ear.

Derren Brown for example. (But honestly, many, many more)

Mike Super has even gone as far, as including all this "spirit" stuff into his act, and even asks the audience to be open to it. Check out this YouTube video, and this one.

Do I believe that all tricks come from spirit energies?

Nah, of course not. Sometimes you just need a bit of plexiglass.

- auteurAM

But at the same time, know that the evil supernatural is here, like with the Ouija boards.

The advice for both is the same. Stay well clear of them.

For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.
- Revelation 22:15 (KJV)