How to Destroy the Truth

I've noticed a pattern in people that are intent in bringing down the truth.

Let's say you want to discredit a certain truth.

You find a person to do this, and then give that person some "extra truth". New insights that establish credibility.

Then, after a while, that person adds new insane lies to his repertoire.

Now people will discard the insane lies, and with it the actual truth as well. That's probably wrong as well right?

So the formula is: Truth + Extra Truth (credibility) + Insane Lies = No Truth

So take 9/11 for example:

Truth9/11 was an inside job
Extra TruthPlanes couldn't possibly have flown that fast, they were holograms
LiesThere's a giant alien soul-catching machine on the moon
Result9/11 was not an inside job

No one person has all the truth. It's always a mixture of both truth and lies.

That's how they keep you guessing.