God's Chain of Command

Just as all three members of the Godhead participated in the creation of this world, Genesis 1:2, 26. The Elohim of verse 26 is plural noun. just so do all three participate in the process of inspiration: The Father gives the message to the Son, Revelation 1:1; John 8:28; 5:19, and the Son gives it to the Holy Spirit, John 16:7, 13, 14. and the Holy Spirit moves upon the prophets. 2 Peter 1:21.

The Godhead delivers the message to "his angel", Gabriel; and Gabriel delivers it to God's servants, the prophets. Revelation 1:1; 22:6. Cf. Daniel 8:16; 9:21; Luke 1:19, 26. And thus the prophets could authoritatively declare to their fellow beings, "Hear, therefore, the word of the Lord". For example, 1 Kings 22:19. This exact expression appears 36 times in the Old Testament alone; variations appear even more frequently throughout the entire Bible.

Two points of significance immediately suggest themselves from these facts:

1. Of all the billions of angels created by God, Revelation 5:11. we today know the names of only two - Lucifer ("light bearer"), who was number one, and who fell; and Gabriel, originally number two, who later became number one. And it was the angel Gabriel, heaven's highest, who communicated God's messages to "his servants, the prophets". Only heaven's highest was good enough for this special task.

2. The prophets are called "his servants", that is, God's servants. Now, a servant is, by definition, "one who is sent" - sent by a superior, of course. Jesus made it abundantly clear that the servant was "not greater than his lord". John 13:16; 15:20 If, then, the message-bearing servant (prophet) is ignored, slighted, or - worse yet - rejected outright, the One who is really rejected is the One who gave the message to the prophet.

- Ellen White, Inspiration/Revelation: what it is and how it works, p. 46/47