Consider this...

The Illuminati uses special techniques to move sheeple from A to B.

They do this by creating so much chaos on A, that the sheeple will voluntarily give up their freedom and move to B.

Since the Illuminati owns the worldwide banking system (Federal Reserve Bank, and the European Central Bank), the easiest way to move people into a one world government, is to crash the current monetary system. The USA is pretty much bankrupt, so it wouldn't take much to do that.

Once the Illuminati crashes the US economy (and maybe Greece and China as well), the world will come to a complete halt - chaos will thrive.

But now the people that created the problem will come forth with their one world government solution, and the sheeple will happily accept this 'solution' so they can have some of their life back. At a price of course. Always at a price.

The banksters have been planning this for decades. It wouldn't be difficult.

The economy may well be so 'bad' that they will be able to force a six-day working week. On the Sabbath of course, and with only Sunday as a resting day.

It is interesting that recently the UK voted to withdraw itself from the EU (sometimes referred to as "brexit"). This could of course cause all sorts of uproar in the world's economy. Check out the Wikipedia for more information.