Climate Change

Consider this...

In fires, in floods, in earthquakes, in the fury of the great deep, in calamities by sea and by land, the warning is given that God's Spirit will not always strive with men.
- Ellen White, Manuscript Releases, Vol. 3, p. 315

How frequently we hear of earthquakes and tornadoes, of destruction by fire and flood, with great loss of life and property! Apparently these calamities are capricious outbreaks of disorganised, unregulated forces of nature, wholly beyond the control of man, but in them all God's purpose may be read. They are among the agencies by which He seeks to arouse men and women to a sense of their danger.
- Ellen White, Prophets and Kings, p. 277

God is clearly warning people that it is time to choose, e.g. life with God, or death.

These events however can easily be mistaken for "climate change". People basically say: "This wasn't the case 10 years ago, therefore it must be climate change". And it is obvious why people would say this. I get it.

Climate change used to be called "global warming", but that was never the case, e.g. CO2 levels are the same now as they were in 1910.

What then is the real reason behind the "climate change" agenda?

I think that "climate change" is just a way to "explain away" the disasters that are in the world today. In addition, it's also used as a way to bring in new worldwide legislation (all the countries are working together on this).

Satan wants to gain control as long as possible. If people would realize what time we live in, satan's kingdom would fall apart.

Recently in New Zealand the following events took place:

Basically people want the government to start taking more climate change action right now. And that's just the beginning.

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